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Seasonal Treatments

  • Agave Watermelon Post-Sun Soother

    A little too sun kissed? Let it all go – aches, muscle pain and yesterday’s worries with a vitamin-E rich body kneading. Perfect after a long day outside under the sun. Skin is prepped with a warm coconut oil infused cocoon. Soft notes of juicy watermelon fragrance your treatment room as your skin drinks in the warmth of a new found hydration. Finally, a watermelon extract whipped body mousse and Agave nectar body oil come together to glide over muscles – legs, arms and shoulders. Carry all of your stresses away with this yummy summer time treatment.

    • $9050 minutes
    • $14080 minutes
  • Blissed and Bubbly Body Repair

    Aching muscles breathe a sigh of relief as a steaming watermelon basil wrap cradles arms and legs. A watermelon extract and sea salt scrub exfoliates dead skin cells until you glisten. Now smoothed, a whipped up, frothy bubble mask is applied onto skin. Arnica Montana Flower extract in this mask helps alleviate symptoms of dry, chapped skin while sodium-PCA works to reduce moisture loss – skin is left hydrated and nourished. Lock this all in with an advanced petite body mousse, so feathery-soft you’ll feel as if you’re drifting off, off and away on a cloud.

    • $14580 minutes
  • Whooptie-Dew Bubbling Massage

    Livin’ your best bubbly life with our Whooptie-Dew Bubbling Massage! Irritated skin rejoices when you slip into this bubbly massage. This one includes “bubblemasking” for the dewiest, most delightful renewal you’ve ever experienced! First we envelop your back in a frothy bubbling mask that provides soothing chamomile and green tea extracts. Your bubbling massage includes a whipped shea butter that leaves notes of white velvet buttercream behind. Calming and delicious! For the massage that’s way over “dew”. This is a limited time only spring time massage so book yours soon.

    • $8550 minutes
    • $13580 minutes