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Body Treatment

The Vichy Shower is an experience special to Spa 211. Our Vichy Shower has eight adjustable shower jets to caress your body under an invigorating waterfall. The therapist adjusts the pattern, placement and temperature of the jets to achieve a whole-body water massage treatment. When all 8 jets are on, approximately 75 liters of water a minute flow over your body, producing in many people a sensation of floating on water. The effect of so much water movement on your skin is to increase the blood circulation, hydrate the skin and sooth the nervous system, enabling your body to balance and your muscles to relax.

During the Vichy Shower treatment, you lie on a padded table, with the shower jets above you. This water massage treatment is particularly effective following a body scrub or wrap, to circulate the recently absorbed products through your system, producing enhanced benefits.

  • Brandied Pear Body Buff & Butter Massage

    Sophisticated pampering with this Bartlett pear-infused sea salt scrub will enchant the senses taking you on a sweetly scented journey into relaxation. We polish out this experience with a light and airy all natural marshmallow butter massage. Dancing through warm brandied clouds becomes a reality when we layer on a luxurious ultra rich butter blend that includes Shea, cocoa, and mango butters, tinted with notes of sandalwood and tonka bean. Your skin will feel as smooth as satin when you indulge in our Brandied Pear Body Buff & Butter Massage!

    • $9050 minutes
    • $14080 minutes
  • Hydrating Rose Mud Wrap

    Breathe in the aromatic fragrance of the French countryside as you surround the skin in a richly hydrating cocoon. Start with an invigorating sugar scrub followed by a wrap in this remarkable mud contains soothing Rose Clay extracted from the Provençe region of France. The treatment is finished with an invigorating rain shower and moisture rich body butter. Rose Body Mud is the ultimate for refining and extreme hydration, perfectly suited for dry, delicate, weathered or aged skin.

    • $14580 minutes
  • Creme de la Creme

    How better to combat the drying of winter and feel smooth, silky and radiant than with an invigorating & exfoliating sea salt or sugar scrub followed by hydrating moisture rich and uplifting body butter to leave your skin soft, hydrated and refreshed. Essential oils and sugar or sea salt custom blended to your desire.

    • $11050 minutes
  • Detox Mineral Mud Wrap

    Rich in minerals and trace elements this all natural treatment is used for detoxifying and remineralizing the body. You begin with dry exfoliation, then hot mud compresses along with a scalp & neck massage. The treatment is finished with an invigorating rain shower delivered by our eight shower head Vichy and moisture rich body butter.

    • $13580 minutes