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  • CBD Oil

    Add our Rainbow Maker CBD oil to any massage.

    • $30
  • Cool Rush CBD Sinus Soother

    A steaming compress made from a custom blend of Atlantic cera, pink Himalayan and Epsom salts will open the airways to rejuvenation! This crisp refresher is followed by a hi-bio hemp oil acupressure facial massage to leave your complexion feeling renewed.

    • $1510 minutes
  • Hairs To You

    Hair dazzles in radiance. Add a relaxing Agave Nectar Treatment and scalp massage to your experience. This will relieve tension while moisturizing and nourishing hair for supreme replenishment.

    • $1215 minutes
  • Head in the Clouds CBD Scalp Massage

    Relax in splendor! Add a soothing CBD treatment and scalp massage to your spahhh experience. Blended with botanical oils abundant in essential fatty acids including hi-bio fast absorbing full spectrum hemp. Mind and scalp will feel rejuvenated in a state of total swellness.

    • $2015 minutes
  • Hand & Foot Treatment w/ Steaming Wrap

    Bask in a warm cocoon of quintessential nourishment with steaming towel compresses. You choose to be wrapped in Agave Nectar Oil, Texas Wildflower Honey Glaze or a Marshmallow Met Balm. Your skin will love whichever moisturizing cocktail you choose.

    • $2015 minutes
  • Happy Camper Head & Neck Massage

    An add-on so sweet you’ll instantly see the difference. This head and neck massage soothes tires muscles with an oil rich in Vitamin C to restore your very own glow.

    • $1515 minutes
  • All Clear Sinus Soother

    A rosemary mint herbal compress steams with shear warmth and relaxation followed by an agave nectar oil acupressure facial massage.

    • $1210 minutes
  • Honey Glaze & Cream Foot Cocoon

    This creamy cocoon works wonders. It includes a sea salt scrub, your feet painted with Texas Wildflower Honey and wrapped with a warm towel.

    • $1515 minutes
  • Hot Stone Foot Massage

    Enjoy the warmth of hot stones coupled with one of our FarmHouse Fresh Oils.

    • $1515 minutes